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Terra Staffing Group

Terra Staffing Group has been helping companies find valuable workers since 1983 and some of those employees include people with disabilities. Terra Staffing likens itself to a real estate agency. When looking for a house, you don’t typically go up and down a street looking for real estate signs. Instead, you work with a broker who helps you find the best house for you. Terra Staffing does that with jobs.

Terra Staffing doesn’t screen people out of jobs but screens people in. When working with a person with a disability, they work hard to understand what it will take for the individual to be successful and determine if an accommodation is needed. For instance, one worker had a hearing impairment and he was able to tell the staff how he was successfully accommodated in the past. This can help Terra Staffing find an employer who will work with the individual.

One example included an individual with a developmental disability who is a computer numerical control (CNC) machine operator. This individual was capable of working but was incapable of getting a job because he didn’t interview well due to his disability. The worker was able to articulate to Terra Staffing that he had a hard time working with other people and didn’t work well with change. Once Terra Staffing understood this, they found an aerospace company in the Everett area that was very willing to work with the employee and accommodate him. The employer informed the other employees about his disability and how to work with him.

Terra Staffing has found that once people with disabilities have found a job, their retention rate is typically very high. Companies are realizing that a policy of inclusion is good for business and for employee morale.

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